Queensryche – Speciale Videomusic 1995

Ce l’ho fatta.

Lo registrai su VHS nel lontano 1995. Per anni e anni mi sono dimenticato di lui. Oggi, finalmente, sono riuscito a portarlo in digitale. Ed è stato più complicato di quel che pensassi.

Si tratta di uno speciale che Videomusic fece sui Queensryche qualche mese dopo l’uscita di Promised Land (disco sul quale qui dentro s’è parlato parecchio). Un documento a suo modo storico. Enjoy:

The making of Promised Land

Ancora Queensryche. A circa metà degli anni ’90 ero un orgoglioso possessore del cd-rom che i ‘Ryche misero in commercio pochi mesi dopo l’uscita di Promised Land. Ricordo che guardavo e riguardavo i video presenti sul supporto ottico senza mai stancarmi, cercando di immaginare l’atmosfera che circondava la band nel momento in cui stava registrando siffatto capolavoro. Adesso – nostalgia bastarda – tutte quelle testimonianze si trovano su un unico, magico, filmato da poco uploadato su YouTube.

(se ti interessa questo video forse potresti gradire anche divagazioni come questa e questa)

Sirens sing out loud – Geoff Tate parla di ‘Someone else?’

Da questa recente intervista – in cui si accenna anche al nuovo album, Geoff Tate su Someone else?:

Well, I think, you know, just growing up, life, going through things, ups and downs, tests to your integrity. You know, as a kid you kind of learn that things are kind of black and white. These are the rules, you follow the rules and this is what happens. But as you get older, you kind of see that life is really a lot of gray — it’s kind of open to interpretation. And “Someone Else” is a song about kind of realizing you’re at different plateaus in your life, different places, achievements, either personal achievement, spiritual achievement, whatever. You go through these rough times to get to this place, and then when you’re at that place, it’s probably a good idea to look around and appreciate where you are. It’s a song about that – being at that place that you’ve struggled to get to and realizing there’s so many more places to go, and to keep your curiosity alive and your interest in life, and just don’t give up on things or take the easy way out. Keep looking ahead and striving to get to that next rung on the ladder, wherever that may be for you.

[..] The song, we had first written it on piano, and then we decided, “Let’s try a band version.” So we got everybody included, and had guitars and bass and drums and everything in it. We recorded that and then we felt, “Oh, you know, the music’s too big, it needs to come back to the piano. It’s got a pretty strong lyric and we want to focus on that.” So we kind of stripped it all back to the original idea, which kind of goes to show you that most of the time, your original idea is the strongest one. (laughs)

Geoff Tate